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In order to run AssetTrack, a mobile device model must be certified by AMI. AssetTrack will not install on uncertified models.

If you're not sure of which device to choose, please consult AMI. Each model comes with configuration options (imager/laser, keyboard, cellular/wifi radios) which affect its capabilities and price. 

If you would like to do your mobile device procurement through AMI, we are an authorized Motorola, Intermec, Psion Teklogix, and Honeywell reseller.

On this page:

Supported operating systems


iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 4th Gen+, and iPad 3rd Gen+

AssetTrack is available for free from the App Store and can support any iOS device running iOS 7 or better.

You must license and install the AssetTrack iOS API on the AssetTrack Server in order to use the free app. Contact for licensing information.



AssetTrack is available from the Google Play store and supports all Android devices running Kitkat or later operating system.



Zebra (formerly Motorola)


This is a high-end pistol grip device that runs Windows Mobile. Available equipped with either an imager, laser and RFID reader. 28, 43, or 53 key keypad are available. This Scanner is highly recommended by AMI.




This is a device that runs Windows Mobile that is the most rugged handheld version Motorola makes. Available equipped with either an imager or laser. 26 numeric or 44 QWERTY key keypad. This Scanner is highly recommended by AMI.




This is a device that runs Windows Mobile and is a bit smaller, faster and slightly less durable, than the MC75A. Available equipped with either an imager or laser. 26 numeric or 44 QWERTY key keypad




Zebra's first ruggedized, barcode-enabled Android based device. Recommended for high volume scanning and fully compatible with AssetTrack 4. See more on Zebra's website.


Device certification process

Sometimes a customer has already purchased mobile devices and would like to use them with AssetTrack. If it's a device that doesn't appear on our supported device list, then most likely you will not be able to install or run AssetTrack on it. Such devices must first go through an AMI certification process before it can be used with AssetTrack.

If you are interested in using a device that isn't on the list below, please inquire with your AMI representative about having a device certified for AssetTrack. For certification, our general requirements are:



Operating System

Windows Mobile 6.5 or better (recommended)
Windows CE 5 or better


>= 128MB onboard

External storage card capability strongly recommended.


A laser or imager for scanning barcodes is required.


Recommended memory cards

For almost all devices, AssetTrack requires an add-on memory card for storage purposes. AMI recommends the following: 

Do you need a SD or microSD card?

Depending on the model of device, you will need an SD card or microSD card. They're not interchangeable so you need to be sure to purchase the correct card for your device. Contact AMI Support if you're not sure.

Why is the ATP card more expensive?

Motorola officially recommends the ATP industrial-grade card, which allows them to command a premium price. Specifically, they are certified to withstand higher levels of humidity, shock, vibration, and temperature. Some customers desire this extra level of robustness, but many others eschew it in favor of less expensive consumer-grade cards.

  • Transcend 2GB card (TS2GSD133)
  • ATP 2GB industrial-grade Class 6 SD card (AF2GUDI-OEM-C)
  • SanDisk 4GB  Class 4 microSDHC card (SDSDQ-004G-A11M)


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