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Our docs are organized into role-based guides

AssetTrack documentation organized into three role-based sections. Each section has a collection of topics appropriate to that role. Select the role that is right for you. 

  • System Administrator. You have server access, provision new machines, do the installs and upgrades, monitor the system and its network. When something goes wrong that requires server access or network analysis, you're the go-to for troubleshooting.
  • Data Collector. You're out in the field using AssetTrack forms to collect information.
  • Asset Manager. You know what the data needs to look like, and you're responsible for data quality and asset management efforts. You design the forms that the data collectors use and you make sure that AssetTrack is being used effectively.
Contacting AMI Support

If you don't find the information you need here or need further assistance, please submit a request through the AMI Support Help Desk. It's the fastest way to get in touch with an AMI technician.

iOS Deployment Overview

If you're looking to deploy AssetTrack's iOS client, start here for an overview.

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